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Professional Money Management and Unbiased Advice

      Bullbear Investment Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor that specializes in the management of private stock portfolios offered to individuals, trusts and institutions who meet a minimum account size, giving each account the personal attention of a professional investment analyst. Such professional money management has traditionally been reserved only for the wealthy with minimum accounts of $500,000, but is an opportunity our firm extends to a broader spectrum of account sizes. Bullbear's individually tailored management and unbiased expertise offers a distinct alternative to stockbrokers, financial planners and mutual funds.
      For its services, Bullbear charges a fee of a percentage of assets under management. We do not receive commissions and we have no other products or services to sell, in contrast with many stockbrokers and financial planners. We are exclusively focused on providing investment advice and management. REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISOR
bullbear Investment Management LLC